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Effective and Complete

"I teach Spanish to pre-K through 5th grade. Since I started using Sonrisas, my planning is streamlined, my students enjoy every lesson, and I feel more organized. This curriculum is a treasure for a busy teacher. "

Jessica Thompson,
St. Paul, MN

How is it effective?

Sonrisas Spanish is effective because it is pedagogically sound, and it engages students in a fun, natural, and age-appropriate way. Students acquire Spanish with a combination of music, lesson activities, games, authentic children’s Spanish literature, art, and drama. Students practice their skills with partner time and portfolio activities. Teachers use formative and summative assessments to monitor and evaluate student learning. The end result is that students learn lots of age-appropriate, practical, and conversational Spanish.

How is it complete?

Sonrisas Spanish is not just a set of activities that you have to piece together with other materials to teach your class. The Teacher's Manual provides you with complete and detailed lesson plans. Our program includes a Teacher's Manual, a Student Portfolio, two music CDs, a Resource CD, and storybooks. These components provide you with all the materials you need— from lesson plans to visual aids—to implement your preschool or elementary Spanish program.

Why choose Sonrisas Spanish?

The bottom line is that there is not just one way to teach Spanish. Other companies offer lots of bells and whistles—we do not. The Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum is straightforward, effective, and time-tested. We know it's effective because we have developed and used it in our twenty-plus years of professional experience teaching Spanish to children. Sonrisas has been used successfully in thousands of classroom across the United States. We offer excellent support in both the sales process and the implementation of our curriculum. Call us today to see how Sonrisas Spanish can work for you. (970) 264-9288