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Sonrisas Level II

"Sonrisas has been a great success and the students comment that Spanish is their favorite class because of all of the fun things they are learning. I recommend it for young students. It's amazing!"

Alina G. Argueta,
Southborough, MA

Sonrisas Level II includes:

Level II Teacher’s Manual

  • A comprehensive introduction provides an in-depth look at the methodology and implementation of the curriculum and a step-by-step guide for using the lesson plans.
  • Seven Thematic Units guide instruction: Seasons, My School; Numbers; My Family and Friends; Food, Water, and Shelter; A Global Perspective; and Celebrating Diversity.
  • 37 Lessons provide enough material for up to 148 class sessions. Lesson plans include lesson overview pages, lesson procedure pages, partner time procedure pages, and art project procedure pages.
  • See a sample lesson.
  • 43 Art Projects reinforce the language concepts for each lesson.
  • Lyrics and TPR directions for all the songs on the music CDs are included.
  • Reproducibles for all the activities and art projects in the lessons save you time planning.
  • The scope and sequence articulates the Communication Objective, Language Outcomes, vocabulary, and grammatical concepts covered in each lesson.

Level II Student Portfolio

  • 37 Partner Time activities require students to converse in Spanish to complete a task while they practice the language concepts for each lesson. Partner Time activities engage students in the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes of communication.
  • 37 Portfolio activities require students to do independent work to practice the language concepts for each lesson and achieve the communication objective. Portfolio activities can be done in class or assigned for homework.
  • Home Reports for each lesson allow parents to see what their child is learning in Spanish. Teachers photocopy and send the reports home to parents. Home Reports also include suggestions for at-home enrichment of lesson themes.
  • Formative and summative assessments allow teachers to monitor student learning in order to guide instruction and evaluate student learning using specific metrics.
  • The Student Portfolio is fully reproducible and comes in both a hard copy, spiral-bound version and a digital version, making it user-friendly for teachers.
  • See a sample of the portfolio.
  • If you would like to purchase individual copies of the Student Portfolio, click here to see bulk pricing.

Level II Resource CD

  • 167 visual aids and reproducibles insure that every lesson is engaging and effective. Images and reproducibles are included for all of the lesson activities, art projects, and Partner Time activities. They save teachers tons of time planning and preparing.
  • Gives teachers the capability to build an interactive environment with students who are using laptops or personal devices.
  • The Resource CD also contains a digital version of the Student Portfolio for easy printing.

The Sonrisas CD and Canciones Culturales CD

  • 47 fun, easy-to-learn Spanish songs are used to introduce and develop the language concepts for each lesson. Children acquire Spanish in a fun, age-appropriate, and natural way as they sing songs with their teacher.
  • Both CDs come complete with the lyrics for every song.

Calendar Time Guide

  • Detailed explanation of how to establish your Calendar Time routine with over 70 activities.
  • 22 daily, month, and season activities.
  • 30 detailed alphabet activities that teach students the sounds and spelling of the Spanish alphabet.
  • 21 in-depth geography activities which are focused on the Spanish-speaking countries of the world.
  • Calendar Time lesson plan, Calendar Time scope and sequence, and Calendar Time scope and sequence template for easy planning.
  • Calendar Time checklist to keep track of all of the activities that you cover.
  • See samples.

Small Format Classroom Posters

  • Sixty nine 8.5” x 11” posters that you will use in your Calendar Time lessons.
  • 30 alphabet posters with creative and playful text. The posters correspond to the alphabet activities in the guide.
  • One poster for each month of the year.
  • Four season posters.
  • Five weather posters with common weather phrases.
  • El tren de los días de la semana posters—one poster for each day of the week.
  • Ten color posters.

Large Format Classroom Posters

  • Four 18” x 24” laminated posters including a blank calendar, the numbers 1—31, a world map, and daily questions with spaces to write the answers.
  • Colorful, engaging, and useful for each Calendar Time lesson.
  • Students can participate in reading and writing Spanish.

What about the Level II Storybook Set?

  • The Level II Storybook Set includes an authentic children’s Spanish storybook for each lesson in Level II.
  • The Level II Storybook Set is not included in the Level II curriculum. You must purchase it separately.
  • You do not have to purchase the Level II Storybook Set with Level II, but then you will want to find the storybooks for each lesson on your own. The storybooks are an integral part of each lesson.

There are three ways that you can order Sonrisas Level II:

  • Pay with a credit card here on the website.
  • Email or fax a purchase order to our office.
  • By mail. Call our office for a quote. (970) 264-9288